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Wool Yarns

Current Projects

Outreach Swatch Challenge

We are building a fiber sample notebook to better represent the fiber arts we practice at outreach events. Our goal is to have a book completed and ready for World Wide Knit in Public Day, on June 11, when the guild has traditionally had a booth at Brookside Farmers Market.

Each swatch should be approximately 4''x4" and as flat as is reasonable in order to display in a three ring binder.

In addition to your swatch, please write a small paragraph about "Why you make Fiber Art" as well as "How your Fiber Art is unique".

Submit information about your swatch via our Google form here.

Community Wool Study Group

We are forming a study group that will focus on collaborative spinning and weaving projects. The skills that we learn would be applicable for much larger projects, such as the KC Fiber Shed. Our first project will be working through the process to make a shawl starting with a raw sheep fleece.

Please sign up to participate, we have workshop dates of May 7, June 4, and August 20. We will be doing a live demonstration as a final report for this year on World Wide Spin In Public Day on September 17th Brookside Farmer's Market. 

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